Privacy Policy and Copyright

<Purpose of Establishing the Site>
 The HJA (Haga Japan-Australia Friendship Exchange Association) website was established for the purpose of introducing the history of HJA's activities and the content of the exchange to the members of HJA and the people of Shiso and other areas in Shiso city. We will take the utmost care in handling personal information.

<Protection of Personal Information>
 The protection of personal information shall be handled in compliance with the laws and regulations.
Personal information in this website refers to information that identifies an individual and information about that individual.

<The scope of personal information to be sent. >
 Scope of personal information when publishing content. 
As far as possible, photographs introducing our activities should not be used to identify individuals.
If the use of photographs is unavoidable, permission should be obtained from the individual or, in the case of children, from their parents or guardians. In the case of the Ironside Elementary School Exchange Group, permission must be obtained from the Headmaster of Ironside Elementary School or the leader of the Exchange Group.
Photos of two or more people in the same frame may be included in consideration of the effectiveness of the exchange activity.
However, please pay attention to the size of the picture. 
Works, essays, and opinions can be published in consideration of the effectiveness of the Society's objectives.
Names will not be made public in principle. In case of disclosing information in consideration of the purpose of the Society, the name of the applicant and the child should be disclosed with the consent of the guardian.  

 For the proper and rigorous operation of the Society's site, the HJA President shall be the Administrative Officer and the Haga Elementary School Principal shall be the Deputy Superintendent.
The chief administrator and the vice-administrator shall provide guidance and supervision to the teachers and staff who conduct HJA affairs.

<The HJA president and deputy superintendent shall instruct and supervise the teachers and staff who conduct HJA affairs.>
 The administrator shall strive to protect copyrights, intellectual property rights, and other rights, and shall manage them properly to prevent infringement of such rights. In managing the site, the administrators shall give due consideration to the provisions of laws and regulations. 

<Copyright of the Society's website>
 The copyright of all contents on the HJA website belongs to the HJA or to their respective content providers.
The HJA Secretariat is responsible for the editorial and content of the HJA website.
Therefore, any use of the information on the site without the permission of the HJA Secretariat or the person who holds the copyright to the content may raise copyright issues, except where permitted by copyright law. 

<Links to the HJA website>
 Links to the HJA's website for the purpose of promoting friendship between Australia and Japan and to sites that comply with the law are free.
However, links to sites that may be detrimental to the HJA or that do not take into account the needs of the HJA's exchange activities are rejected.
   Please use the site in compliance with the law.