Akira Yamamura, HJA Chairman
Akira Yamamura, HJA Chairman
    The pandemic of the coronavirus(COVID-19) has brought about its sixth wave,and the cumulative number of  infected people has exceeded 5 million in Japan. With  more than 20,000 deaths reported, the battle against the virus is still far from over.

   For 40 years the Association has promoted friendship and goodwill through the exchange of educational and cultural practice among the youths between Australia and Japan.  

    Last year it was possible to conduct online exchanges between the people of Ironside State School and those of Haga Elementary School. The aide of the advanced IT technology enabled them to take on the challenge of  exchanging in new ways.

   This is the photo taken at the time when Japanese students visited Ironside to commemorate the 30 th anniversary of the Exchange Program. This monument was located at the entrance of Ironside State School. When I first went there,I was deeply moved. As I saw the solid footprints of the Exchange Program.

   Shortly after Ironside State School began its Japan tour, an Ironside State School student wrote on a strip of paper 'May peace prevail on earth' in a wish for the Tanabata Festival.  Seeing this, my senior strongly hoped that his students also might become such grown-ups with wide views of world as this. 

   I believe here lies the true aim of the Exchange Program. How I wish this corona disaster were over and students were able to face to face exchange again.

   I would like to ask this community for deeper understanding and stronger support for the promotion of this Association activities.